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Meet "The Band"

Middle Oak Wines is a small, woman-owned and family operated, boutique winery in Friendswood, TX.  We source only the best grapes from exceptional vineyards in Napa Valley, using organic, bio-dynamic and sustainable farming practices.  The hand-crafted, award winning wines you find here, are a direct result of hard work, dedication and love.

Our zeal for music and other forms of art has greatly influenced how we compose our wine. Harmony and balance both in life, and in your glass, is vital for a real work of art!  

Combine our passion for wine with our lifelong love of music and the arts, and you have the perfect pairing: Middle Oak Wines.


Christina Skinner, Owner


Middle Oak Wines has been a dream of mine for a very long time!  

In the Fall of 2021, with the help of some pretty incredible people,

I was finally able to turn my dream into a reality and introduce my flagship wine, 2018 vintage, “The Middle C” to the scene.    

My story starts when I was still a teenager.  I turned to various forms of art to help me express emotions that didn’t seem to have words.  I didn’t have a talent for all types of art, but I found music and theater to be my lifesaver.  Songs influenced much of my life, and how I view the world around me even to this day.  


I married my high school sweetheart, who just so happened to love music as much as I did.  Ever the drummer, he is still my solid metronome, keeping me on beat for all my goals.  Although eventually we both had to change our focus from making music to making ends meet, the arts will always hold a special place in our hearts.  Read Middle Oak Wines’ labels to see just how much I believe wine and art to be connected!      

Over the years while our daughter was growing up, I mostly worked temporary finance jobs while volunteering for the school and other humanitarian efforts including disaster relief in Houston,TX.  When we could, my husband and I would plan trips, visiting wineries and vineyards in different wine regions around the world, taking our daughter, Callista with us when possible.  Including her in this journey has proven to be invaluable.  She has been able to give me input as only a daughter can do, always honest…sometimes too honest!  I took advantage of any opportunity to try new and interesting wines.  I began to view winemaking as an incredible art form mixed with a captivating science.  All of these experiences contributed to a valuable education and an intense appreciation for the wine making process.  Wine tastings were no longer just a hobby for me.  My hobby had turned into a passion!  The admittedly enjoyable “research” of winemaking, wine tastings and pairings fueled an intense desire to participate in this amazing industry.  I formed relationships with numerous vineyards, wineries, and other industry leaders who helped me to visualize what was actually possible, and then turn my dream into an ultimate reality.

Quality is of the utmost importance to me!  I work with truly talented individuals with decades of experience in farming, winemaking and consulting.  They also focus on quality and excellence.  I am, and always will be, incredibly grateful to all of those who have patiently helped me bring these exceptional small batch wines to the stage! 


Rudy Zuidema, Head Winemaker

Rudy attended the University of California at Davis, studying Plant Science and Agriculture Management focusing on Viticulture. After graduating, he happily was able to taste thousands of wines from Napa Valley and other regions around the world.


His first wine cellar experience was at St. Clement Vineyards, working with local winemaker Dennis Johns. From there he became head winemaker, vineyard manager and general manager at Cuvaison, Honig, Robert Craig, Ehlers Estate and White Cottage Ranch.


A few of Rudy's other current projects include Red Cap Vineyards, Napa De Oro Winery, Zuidema Wines and Shadybrook Estate.

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