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2019 - Middle C - Cab Franc

2019 - Middle C - Cab Franc

$120.00 Regular Price
$105.00Sale Price

It's no secret that we LOVE Cab Franc.  It is our personal favorite for a myriad of reasons and we will continue to bring you the best Cab Franc we can make. 


Our "Middle C" Cab Franc is medium to full bodied with fascinatingly complex aromas of raspberry, fresh herbs and cayenne pepper.  Flavors of strawberry, black cherry, roasted red pepper, dark chocolate, caramel and vanilla invite sip after sip.  Before you know it, you'll need another bottle.


This wine is a fantastic addition to any table... with or without food... but we recommend pairing it with portobello mushrooms, olives, peppers, grilled steak, mediterranean foods, and even creamier dishes like stroganoff.


Don't forget to share with us what your tasting notes are. What did you try pairing it with? @middleoakwines

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