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2019 - Unplugged - Grenache

2019 - Unplugged - Grenache


The 2019 Grenache is absolutely wonderful. 


While raspberry, black cherry and cranberry fruits shine through, there's a subtle hint of white pepper, vanilla and cinnamon spice that make this wine lip smackingly delicious!   


You should find this easy to drink on it's own or with a variety of different foods.  We love it with mushroom based main courses along with several other roasted veggies.  We also found it paired wonderfully with roast turkey, and several fall inspired side dishes.  As with our 2018 vintage, this 2019 Grenache also works well with smoked meats, vegetable curries, pulled pork, and tacos! 


Don't forget to share with us what your tasting notes are. What did you try pairing it with? @middleoakwines

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